2011 Happy New Year!

Here’s an audio message for the new year, reflecting on 2010 (and particularly what I said on here at this time last year), and pondering what the year ahead might hold — particularly in relation to this site and whether or not I will continue.

The message runs for about 10 mins and could take a minute or so to load.

There’s a question for you at the end… :wink:




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  1. Hamidah Hamidah says:

    Yes I am.

    It would definitely be a shame if you just left without passing down (from at least a FEW pages of the 700-or-so notebooks under the bed) your legacy. I am so grateful that you have this inner impetus to share your knowledge and that you sincerely want to help folks like me even though your TEFL journey has taken a turn. Who am I? Well I'm a seeker for a better way and you have definitely piqued my curiosity about your methods which seemed to have motivated your students to say the types of things that they have. Good things. I'm also willing to wait.

    Good things come to those who wait.

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  2. Madeleine Madeleine says:

    Me too!
    First of all - congratulations on the new job. Sounds like you needed a change- as witnessed by the fact you say you now feel refreshed, and happier. I have also recently had a change - and a break - and am now coming back to TEFL after teaching in a secondary school. I agree with the above comment - it does seem a real shame to walk away without passing on some of your knowledge and experience (though if you feel that's what you need to do, it's probably what you need to do…). That said, I have only just found your site and would love to know more about your ideas- e.g. why do you think that the way we're taught to teach English is moronic? (I also have a Dip and Teacher Training experience…) In my experience, one of the most useful ways to learn as a teacher is from other the experience of other teachers- and I would be very interested in finding out more about your experiences. So some kind of teacher training programme would be fantastic…
    Anyway, keep us posted!

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  3.  Leslie says:

    Hi there, Hamidah and Madeleine

    Thank you very much, indeed, for your kind words. Your support and interest is appreciated; I'd really like to make this happen in 2011 — if, that is, enough interest can be garnered from more teachers like you two! :grin:

    Let's see what happens over the next little while…

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  4. Zsuzsi Zsuzsi says:

    Hi Leslie and everyone else who reads this,

    I haven't been checking on the website for a few months now because I have been promoted aand basically I go home only to eat, sleep and get changed. I'm responsible for the running of a private English language school in terms of service, class scheduling, hiring, evaulating and training of new staff and a bit of teaching too. I was quite shocked to learn that this might be the end to this site because I was looking forward to sharing my ideas, doubts and difficulties about management with you and the other readers. Now that I'm on the other side of the coin after a successful DELTA Module 1, I sense a kind of schizofrenic feeling. I'm not totally happy with how my teachers are teaching but I'm searching for tools how to help them. I have done some observation, feedback, evaluation sessions and I'm planning to do some workshops but I'm not sure how to change, or better to say, modify the mindset of my staff to be less traditional and repetitive. If I could, I would do all the lessions but now my job is to help others do it to excellence. I'm not saying I have nothing to improve, on the contrary, but I'm struggling to give at least that little knowledge and experience I have to others. So I will be more than sad if you decide to leave your knowledge under the bed.

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    •  Leslie says:

      Hi, Zsuzsi

      Lovely to hear from you. Gee, it sounds like things are pretty tough right now. :( I hope there’s some light at the end of the tunnel.

      Thank you for the kind words and nudge to keep going. :)

      Re: your teachers… it sounds like you know what to do already. The problem is likely to be that it seems like such a MONUMENTAL thing to change. And, y’know, it probably is.

      You can’t make that degree of change in one fell swoop. So the only way to change it is to make a plan and just slowly go about enacting it – one step at a time – gathering feedback as often as you can and doing everything possible to get "buy in" from your staff.

      Let me know if I can be of any assistance. No promises, but I might be able to lend a hand.

      Oh, and you should feel free to share your experiences with other readers. Here’s an article that might be relevant. It’s not new so you may have read it already. But in the event that you haven’t, here it is:

      Teacher Professional Development

      Take care,

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  5. Zsuzsi Zsuzsi says:


    Thanx for the encouragement! I have already had the feeling that these wrokshops should be paid at least partly … tomorrow I'll try to convince the boss :) I have thought of doing a series of workshops, one a month (we are on the same wavelenght:), the first one is gonna be this Thurday on eliciting and error correction techniques. The next is about how to deal with problematic students and how to address concerns raised by studenst related to learning issues. The third is about how to make a communicative lesson out of an idea/topic for different levels.

    If anybody has anything to say about these topics, don't hesitate to contribute :) In case I manage to put together some nice workshops of 45-60 minutes, I am willing to share it with anyone who is interested.

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    •  Leslie says:

      Hi, Zsuzsi

      I hope it all goes well! :)

      Let us know how it goes in a few weeks, eh?


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