Spring/Autumn Cleaning at EFL Teacher Training

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I’ve decided to do a bit of spring cleaning around the site (well, autumn cleaning for me here in Sydney, Australia, actually! :) ). So I’m going through and “pruning” a lot of things and tidying up some of the backend elements (e.g. adding a recent comments widget and a blog archive widget in the sidebar and the “Suggest a Topic” link beneath each post).

I’ve also decided to put links in the sidebar to the stuff that I decide to keep, starting with these articles from the archives:

This first one was inspired by a question from a reader. It’s a simple answer to the question, but raises a few questions worth mulling over.


This one isn’t a list of links for free lesson plans so the title may be somewhat misleading (sorry about that). It’s more of a rant about why I don’t tend to give out free lesson plans and why I’m not a fan of coursebooks.

I probably need to go in and edit that article back to make it more coherent, truth be told. One step at a time, though!


And this one gives you three simple tips for designing better tests. There’s a lot that can be said about test and quiz design and I think I’ll do a more in-depth series on it at some point.


Feel free to leave your comments or questions on these articles and if you like them, please share them on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Next weekend I’ll be doing some more cleaning and bringing you another short list of lessons from the attic! :grin:


I hope your own spring cleaning is going well. What are you currently sprucing up or planning to overhaul? Leave your comments below…


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