Spring cleaning comes to an end

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This is, I think, the last batch of old articles I’ll be linking to for the time-being. The next step is to go through and edit a lot of them.

Please be sure to leave your comments and/or questions.

This article is a short description of a game everyone knows, even if you don’t recognise its Japanese name. It also gives some tips for managing the game to make it educational and more than just a manic screaming/hitting match.


Another classroom favourite that is highly effective when used correctly. It does require creating and storing cards, which is less than ideal, but the trade-off is that it’s challenging and motivating for students – including adults, as I’ve seen many times.


This is an article that grew out of the previous one. One really frustrating thing about card games is that if you don’t laminate them, you have to copy and cut out everything each time you play.

And if you don’t want to do that, you have to laminate the cards, which presents its own set of challenges.


I give away a worksheet to people who request email updates with instructions on how to play the 3-2-1-0! Game, which I learnt at a monthly ideas-share years ago from my colleague, Brian Johnson.

This post is actually my response to a question I received about how the game is played. There are some extra tips here and a link for how you can join the email updates list and get a copy of the worksheet.


Have fun!

Posted in efl esl worksheets, site news


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