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I’m still cleaning stuff! Here are some articles I wrote about professional development type topics. Lots more to say about this when I have time and can organise my thoughts clearly.

This turned out to be a bit long and unfocused and I should really re-record the video for this. I was trying to set up a series of articles that I’d sketched out and ended up banging on too long.

I haven’t culled it just yet because there is some useful stuff in there. It just needs a good edit.


This was supposed to be the start of the series proper. I never did write more articles in this series and I can’t remember why. I think I was getting quite frustrated with TEFL at the time and just had to take a break.

I’ll dig out that framework of ideas for subsequent parts and see if it’s still inspiring enough to get cracking on finishing it.


This article is about the sad state of affairs that is PD in most schools and what I think are the minimum requirements from an administrative standpoint to get professional development off the ground (and, ideally, keep it in flight!) in your organisation.


This was a little bit of fun inspired by the previous article (The Three “Rs”) and a post on Alex Cases’s blog titled “Don’t Do the CELTA”.

It was also a chance to elicit some feedback from readers regarding professional development after the previous article. I’d still love to hear your thoughts. The survey linked to on that page is still open.


Based on the survey responses I received, I made a 24-minute video walk-through of the aggregated responses plus some tips if you’re involved with PD in any way.


This article follows a back-and-forth maze of posts and comments between Nick Jaworski of Turklish TEFL and I about whether using metalanguage is a useful classroom endeavour.


Hope you enjoy ‘em!

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Posted in TESOL basics, site news

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