Halloween Printables and Crafts

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If you teach kids and you’re looking for worksheets, games, colouring sheets, and craft activities, you’re going to love this!

If you don’t teach kids, then “these are not the droids you’re looking for. Move along, move along…”

[If you don't know that reference, watch this video:]


I recently posted a link to two things Halloween-related:

1. My Halloween Pack, which is free!

2. These very nice, low-cost printable Halloween activities:

To check them out, click here!

Well, I’ve found even more cool resources that should help make Halloween a really fun time in your classroom for years to come.

Like the printables above, these ones aren’t free, either, but they are stoopidly cheap.


Look, I know everyone loves “FREE!” (me too, of course) but you really do have to weigh up the the opportunity cost. How many hours would it take you to create 90+ cool worksheets and games and all these crazy craft activities?

Or, how many hours would it take you to dredge through all the free websites out there to find stuff that’s usable. (Oh, and don’t forget navigating your way through the dozens of pop-ups and flashing banners promising that you’ll lose 50lbs if you just eat this berry… or how a stay-at-home mum discovered an amazing secret to whitening teeth… or other such scams.)

If you think about what you earn per hour and then think about how many hours you’ll spend looking for and/or creating worksheets, craft activities, games, etc. it adds up to a lot more than the price on this stuff.


You can download them immediately and start printing them out for your files. Halloween lessons: Done!

I think they look great and if were still teaching kids, I’d buy them in a heartbeat.

Here’s the first one, with all kinds of games, worksheets, colouring pages, card games… basically more than you’ll ever be able to use! :grin:

Get them here

And here’s another one that’s focused on Halloween craft activities. I think it’s actually by the same author as the first one. Definitely worth checking out.

Plenty of craft ideas

I hope these resources save you heaps of time and that your kids love them.

Happy Halloween!


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Posted in efl esl worksheets, seasonal lessons

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Halloween Lesson Plans

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October already! Which means that it’s Halloween.

A few years ago, I made a little Halloween Pack with half a dozen lesson plans and links to some other resources. Most of the readers of this blog probably have it already.

If you haven’t got it, or you know people who’d be interested, please feel free to send them to this page where they can get some free halloween lessons plans.

I also quite like some of these printable Halloween worksheets and games.

Unlike my Halloween Pack, they’re not free. But… I think they could be very useful to a wide range of teachers.

To check them out, click here!


Also, I just finished reading Dan Ariely’s book Predictably Irrational, which is really, really interesting. It looks at the weird, irrational things we humans do; irrational yet alarmingly, uh… predictable!

What’s the connection with Halloween? I thought of it because (I’ve just finished it, and…) early on in the book he talks about an experiment he did with kids at Halloween concerning opportunity-cost and the idea of “FREE”.

And, well, I guess that, as a teacher, you’re probably interested in social psychology.

There are some especially interesting experiments he and his team did concerning cheating. Well worth a read.

Standard paperback version:

Or, the Kindle version:

Hope you’re starting to gear up for Halloween. Kids always love it and appreciate the little bit of extra effort, cool games & worksheets, and weird food.

Have fun! :grin:


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  1. Hey there, awesome post! Just wanted to share some more Halloween Worksheets and Halloween Activities: http://www.havefunteaching.com/holiday-worksheets/halloween

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    •  Leslie says:

      Hi, Mark

      I'm not convinced that my simple post, above, is "awesome," making your comment basically blog-spam, as far as I'm concerned. [The kind that's typically outsourced for 10c per comment to someone in the Phillipines who has set up a Google Alert for various keywords relating to your site's categories and uses an ip-masker/proxy to make it look as if the comment came (in your case) from inside the USA. Or was this drive-by all your own?]

      And using your keywords as anchor-text in the "Name" field is an insulting way to leave a comment on someone's site. Anonymity is fine. Doucheness isn't. I left it there; I mean, hey, it doesn't hurt me, right?

      I normally consign this kind of comment to the spam queue and blacklist the IP of the commenter. The only reason I haven't in this case is because I think your site contains stuff which could be useful to readers of this blog.

      And because I genuinely like these T-shirts:

      I agree so strongly with that sentiment that I might even buy one.

      Please feel free to contribute here any time you like.


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