TEFL is a joke, you say

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Okay, so three things:

1. This really is a serious question. There are all kinds of awful things about the EFL industry but there are some pretty good things, too. I’m interested to know how you feel about it overall.

2. You clicked the green button.

3. If you have time to leave a comment with a bit of background (e.g. how long you’ve been teaching, what kinds of schools/institutions, etc.) and explaining why you clicked the green button, that would be fantastic!

After 10 years in TEFL, personally I became quite jaded and I wonder now whether my reasons were overstated, exaggerated, misinformed, distorted, etc. As such, I’m interested to hear what others think… on both sides of the fence. Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts!

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Posted in TESOL basics

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