TEFL is NOT a joke, you say

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Okay, so three things:

1. This really is a serious question. There are all kinds of great things about being an EFL teacher, but I’m sure you agree there can be some pretty shitty ones, too. But maybe that’s just like any job. I’m interested to know how you feel about the EFL industry overall.

2. You clicked the red button.

3. If you have time to leave a comment with a bit of background (e.g. how long you’ve been teaching, what kinds of schools/institutions, etc.) and outlining your reasons for clicking the red button, that would rock!

After 10 years in TEFL, personally I became quite jaded and I wonder now whether my reasons were overstated, exaggerated, misinformed, distorted, etc. As such, I’m interested to hear what others think… on both sides of the fence. Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts!

All the best,

Posted in TESOL basics

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2 Responses to “TEFL is NOT a joke, you say”

  1. Bénédicte Bénédicte says:

    Hi, no TEFL is definitely not a joke to me. I have been doing it for over 15 years now and I wish I had more time to spend on my lesson planning. I was looking for inspiration and I have found some on your blog. Thank you.

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  2.  Leslie says:

    Hi, Bénédicte

    Thanks for commenting on this (controversial? Divisive?) topic! :)

    And for the kind words about having found inspiration here.

    Re: Time for lesson-planning… well, there's never enough time for the teacher who cares, right?

    I'm keen to know what keeps you going in an industry that I think is — for the most part — pretty awful. The students can be fantastic if you're at the right school with a good DoS and/or Principal, etc. But I groan when I think about how the industry as a whole is incentivised and the results that produces.

    Keen to hear your thoughts regarding why you clicked on the red button.

    All the best,

    P.S. Apologies for the tardy reply; I've taken an extended hiatus from this site and hadn't logged in for at least six months, I'd say.

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